Send in your crafty pics!

Hello Crafties!

We now have a gallery page for you to share your creations on! If you’ve bought your supplies here, email a picture of what you’ve made to with your name and any information on what, why or how you’d like us to share.

Here is the new page, keep checking back for new inspirations!

Looking forward to seeing what you’ve made,

~The Team at Creative Cove


PS: If you want to share a picture of something you’ve made to sell and want us to put a link to your website with the picture we can do that, but we ask that you include a link to us here at Creative Cove on your site to so the love goes both ways, thank you! Again, email us to talk about it 🙂


Valentine’s Day crafts

Valentine’s day is only two weeks away so I thought I’d collect up some crafty ideas as inspiration for anyone that wants it!

This page starts with a collection of kids crafts, then further down has ideas for cards and then gets more technical for those of you that would like some more grown up crafts:

Here are 24, grown up crafts for your sweetheart: Dodo Burd Crafts

Martha Stewart has a page for gifts for kids: Martha Stewart – for kids

And a page for gifts for adults: Martha Stewart – for adults

Hope you enjoy making something sweet for the ones you love this Valentine’s day!

Valentine’s Day 2015

Valentines Window 22-01-15

Two weeks to go… come on in for some lovely inspiration 🙂

More Origami Fun

Remember the paper crane I found last summer?

Origami Bird

Well, it has sent me on a journey into origami! I looked up how to make 3D bunnies and filled my mother’s Christmas tree with them until she remembered a book of animal origami patterns…

Origami Animals

So over Christmas I made a small menagerie with paper from the shop!

And yes, we do have different sizes of origami paper on the shelf, and some with patterns… you can guess what I’m doing next!

New Book: Craft a Creative Business by Fiona Pullen

I love it when the Search Press delivery comes in with all those new books! I have to resist reading them all as I unpack the box so I can get them onto the shelves for you nice and quickly.

I missed the last delivery, someone else was working on the day it arrived, so I’ve only just seen this one hiding in the stacks but it looks really useful for anyone who wants to transform their crafty hobby into a business. And it came out very recently, so it is up to date!


Craft a Business Book

Contents include talking about self-employment, legal matters, how to present your business through branding, how to use social media to market your creations and how to sell your things online. It also has a bit on how you can price your crafts, which is really tricky!

If you make things and want to sell them, this looks like a very good book to set you up and get you started, covering all of the foundational pieces for selling and marketing online. It also looks handy if you’ve already started selling things but would like to make your business more solid and check you’ve not missed anything useful!

“Craft a Creative Business” by Fiona Pullen is £12.99


Happy New Year!

Good Morning all!

Hope you’ve had a great midwinter, a Merry Christmas-time and a restful holiday this past week. We’ve had a few queries this morning so I thought you’d like to know – we ARE open today!


Opening hours this week are:

Monday 29th December: 9-5:30pm

Tuesday 30th December: 9-5:30pm

Wednesday 31st December: 9-4:30pm

Thursday 1st January: CLOSED

Friday 2nd January: 9-5:30pm

And then we’re back to normal, 9-5:30, Monday to Saturday.


I’m sure we’ll see you this week but if we don’t, we wish you a very Happy New Year!

Sculpting With Fimo

Have you ever wanted to try modelling but not known where to start? Fimo is great stuff to play with, it comes in hundreds of colours which can be mixed to make even more, and it bakes hard in a regular oven.

I’ve done some digging around and this is a really nice tutorial that shows you the steps involved in making and painting a lovely little model to get you started:

If you’d like to get a little more in depth then this is a collection of tutorials to explore, I’ve not had a chance to look through them all so dive in at your own discretion!

I’d love to see pictures in the comments of the modelling you’ve done!

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